Pranayama Hatha

Pranayama Focused Hatha Class
Margabandhu is our Guest Hatha Yoga Teacher for Three Wednesday evenings this summer!

All around the Full Moon, these classes will help you expand your practice to a fuller extent,
With the use of in-depth pranayama techniques in addition to the regular hatha class,
your body and mind can experience deeper levels of healing and vitality!

Margabandhu will teach many pranayama techniques as well as mudras, bandhas, and pranic visualizations that
augment the benefits of pranayama and which are the additional tools needed for
tailoring the pranayama practice to your own needs.

June 7, July 12, August 2, 2017
7:00pm -8:30pm $40.00each class
PLEASE RSVP: 201-796-7585