Hatha Yoga Class Guidelines


Please try to arrive fifteen minutes before class. Our classes begin promptly and end in approximately one hour and twenty minutes.(a little longer for mixed and intermediate classes.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing which will allow the body to stretch easily, such as a sweat-suits, shorts and a T-shirt. Please no perfume.

During class, please respect the quietude by turning off cell phones and refraining from talking in Lotus Hall.

Please bring a large towel or yoga mat to lie on.

Please avoid eating for two hours before class.

It is best to practice yoga to one’s own capacity, without straining. The postures and breathing practices, if done in a relaxed manner, will provide maximum benefits to all systems of the body.

Age or nervous conditions are not hindrances to the Yoga practices. General health can be greatly improved through Yoga.

Students who have under gone major operations, or who suffer from any serious medical conditions are advised to consult their personal physician before beginning a yoga practice.

Inform your teacher, before class begins, about injuries or conditions which might affect your practice so they can help guide you towards appropriate variations or modifications.
You may also wish to consider our Restorative Yoga Class.

Let the teacher know if you must leave early. Though it is not recommended, if you need to leave please leave right before Deep Relaxation.

It is advised that pregnant women refrain from taking our regular class. Please inquire about Pre-Natal classes.

During menstruation period it is best to ease up on the practices. Savasana (Corpse/relaxation pose), or Nadi Suddhi (alternate nostril breathing) are highly recommended and are most beneficial at this time.

More detailed instructions and suggestions can be found in INTEGRAL YOGA HATHA by Sri Swami Satchidananda. Hatha Instructions are available on CD and DVD or on YouTube: Integral Yoga Hatha