Free Yoga for Veterans

Yoga for Veterans: An Awakening Warrior Program

Yoga helps Veterans on their path as a warrior to understand how their experience can contribute to their awakening.
From Wounded Soul to an Awakened Soul.
Healing from Within, Healing for You, Healing for our Family
The first step is usually the most difficult on the path to recovery and building resilience.
We provide individuals the opportunity to experiment with five tools:
Mindful Movement, Guided Relaxation, Breathing, Meditation, and Gratitude.
Veterans are invited to attend any hatha yoga class for free! **Please show id.**

The Goal of Integral Yoga for Veterans

To Return to having an easeful body, a peaceful mind and a useful life.
This goal is achieved by maintaining our natural condition:
. a Body of optimal health and strength
. Senses under total control
. a Mind well disciplined, clear, and calm
. an Intellect as sharp as a razor
. a Will as strong and pliable as steel
. a Heart full of unconditional love and compassion
. an Ego as pure as crystal
. a Life filled with supreme Peace and Joy
Sri Swami Satchidananda