History of Integral Yoga Fair Lawn NJ

The first New Jersey Institute began in 1969 when a couple from Montclair asked the
New York IYI for help in opening a yoga center. The classes were held in their home and
their first teacher was Margabandhu Martarano. That same year, Eddie Brigati of The
Rascals, opened his apartment for yoga classes and kirtan and the numbers of students
grew!! In 1970 the location was moved to a loft in Garfield, which also included a
thriving food co-op. By this time, there were now twenty-one teachers and thirteen
classes held weekly.
In 1984 the teaching staff had grown to twelve, our weekly class schedule was growing
and a search began for a new location. The home for the next fourteen years was on
Broadway in Elmwood Park. A decision to purchase the present site in Fair Lawn was
made in 1995, when more space was again needed for the increased classes and
workshops, including Beginner and Intermediate Hatha Yoga classes, meditation courses,
workshops in various aspects of health and nutrition, weekly pujas and guest speakers,
Through the generous support of a long-time student of Margabandhu and other
contributors, the purchase was made possible. A year later, after much renovation plus
help and prayers of students and family members, we held a grand opening and
dedication ceremony which our Beloved Guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda attended.
Gurudev blessed our efforts and made us realize that through selfless service and hard
work, the IYI would thrive through the coming years. He visited many more times and
we know that all this could not have happened without his inspiration.
We currently have over twenty active volunteer teachers, offering two hatha classes per
day, Monday through Saturday, and a new popular hatha class on Sunday. We offer
beginner, multi-level and Intermediate Hatha classes plus weekly group Meditation and
Meditation Courses. We send our teachers to many area adult schools and private
classes. We have sponsored Intermediate Yoga Teacher Trainings, Meditation Teacher
Trainings, Raja Yoga Teacher Training, Cardiac Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as our
annual Basic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. We also host Samadhi Sun Yoga for Autism
Teacher Training programs.
We offer numerous workshops throughout the year on health, nutrition, healing through
yoga, as well as satsangs on various aspects of yoga. Our guest speakers have included
Viktoras Kulvinskas, Reverend Jaganath Carrera, Swamis Ramananda, Karunananda,
Vidyananda, Asokananda, and Garuda Buss as well as our own Margabandhu Martarano.
Our yoga communtiy/sangha enjoys a warm hospitable atmosphere in which to grow.