Beginner Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Ready for a Yogic Challenge that Reaps Huge Rewards?

Many yoga programs are about pushing you further physically, but when was the last time you heard of a yoga program offering to challenge you to reach higher goals that you inwardly yearn for? And having fun doing so!!

Most likely you haven’t.  When we really think about it, the mind and spirit are integral parts of our whole.  Exercising our physical body is great; we all enjoy a quiet hike, a long bicycle ride, or a challenging yoga class. In fact, we need these types of activities in order to ward off illness and reduce stress in our lives. But what about our mind and our spirit?  The mind body connection is all over the news; it pervades our culture, and  we can’t pick up a magazine without being reminded of its importance. 
Here at the Integral Yoga Institute, the mind and spirit have been part of our training programs since their inception, dating back to 1969.   They have always been  part of the very fabric our lineage was founded upon.  This is why our Teacher, Swami Satchidananda, named it “Integral Yoga”, because it integrates all aspect of our being; the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies.
It seems logical then, since all of these different layers make up who we are, that we would want to exercise all of them.  At Integral Yoga our trainings do just that.  It’s not something new.  We know that a healthy body is our birthright, and a healthy body can only be achieved by addressing the complete body, not just the physical.  Integral Yoga embodies all of the teachings of the ancient yoga traditions into one dynamic, all encompassing program, developed to guide you in your personal journey to achieve full body awareness and ultimate growth. 

It’s about becoming the strongest, most complete version of your Self.
So why not make the commitment today and begin your personal journey toward self discovery, self development,
Honor the calling!

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Q: Are there exams?
A: There is only one written test that focuses on all aspects of integral yoga with major emphasis on the IY system of hatha yoga as well as Raja Yoga (on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), In addition each student is required to teach three qualifying classes (a complete 70-minute basic class).

Q: How much time is spent in class practicing asana?
A: Sixty-five percent of the time is spent studying and practicing asana. The remaining time is devoted to anatomy and Yoga philosophy.

Q: Are there any requirements for admission?
A: Yes, a minimum of three months of regular Yoga practice is required. Familiarity with the Integral Yoga system is strongly recommended, by attending integral yoga classes or by using an integral yoga cd or dvd to practice at home.

Q: How experienced are the instructors?
A: All the instructors have an average of twenty-five years experience in practicing and teaching Yoga.

Q: Are you registered with Yoga Alliance?
A: Integral Yoga is one of the founding members of Yoga Alliance, and our program exceeds the minimum 200 hours required at the basic level.

Q: What are the requirements for certification?
A: Attending all classes; attendance at the weekend retreat; passing all tests/exams; attending and evaluating all designated Integral Yoga Institute (IYI) classes; mentoring with an active IYI teacher; tuition paid in full.

Q: What is the average ratio of staff/instructors to students?
A: Seven students to one instructor.

Q: What is the application process?
A: After submitting an application, a deposit, and a brief bio, an applicant is contacted for a personal interview.

Q: Does the tuition include books?
A: Yes. as well as all required hatha classes.

Q: How many absences are allowed?
A: Missing a class means missing a lot. There are no allowed abences unles for serious illness/emergency.

Q: Are there guest presentations?
A: Yes. IYI always invites instructors who are currently working and practicing in the field of Yoga.

Q: How many students are accepted in the training?
A: A maximum of 14.

Q: Is there a payment plan?
A: Installment plans are always available.

Q: Once someone certifies, is he or she automatically invited to teach at IYI?
A: No. Invitation comes as a result of a student’s overall level of participation in the course.

Installment Payment Buttons

-$200 Deposit-

-Second Payment of $500 due by First day of Classes-

-Additional Monthly Installment Payments of $648.75-


Rev Jagadish Ruttler is a Senior Instructor with almost 20 years experience. He is certified in Raja Yoga and Meditation as well as holds certifications in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Hatha Yoga. Along with his commitment to sharing the teachings of Integral Yoga, Jagadish is a Certified practitioner of Acupressure, Reflexology and Reiki (Master/Teacher).
Rev. Premajyothi Devi is a certified Integral Yoga Instructor for Cardiac, Children’s, Pre-natal, Post-Partum, Raja Yoga and Beginner Hatha Yoga. On August 19, 2006,she deepened her commitment to Integral Yoga by becoming an Integral Yoga Minister, dedicated to serving all the needs of our community.
Margabandhu Martarano Margabandhu Martarano, an E-RYT-500, has served as Director of the New Jersey IYI, at the request of Sri Swami Satchidananda, for almost 50! years, beginning when classes first began and a food co-op opened in Garfield, NJ. Margabandhu is a Senior Certified Integral Yoga Instructor, proficient in all aspects of Yoga, having learned directly from Gurudev in the early years. Professionally, Margabandhu has a BA in Education and is a Certified Massage Therapist, specializing in Acupressure and Reflexology, and a Master Herbalist, having studied with many experts over the years including: Viktoras Kulvinskas, Smoky Santillo and Dr. Ralph Alan Dale.
Rev. Jaganath Carrera is a senior Disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda and an Integral Yoga Minister with over 30 years teaching experience in the various branches, practices and theories of Yoga. He has been a principle speaker and coordinator of many Integral Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Meditation. He currently is the founder and director of the Yoga Life Society, sharing the teachings of yoga throughout New Jersey.
Russell Ditchfield-Agboh, PT is a Certified Integral Yoga Instructor. A Graduate of Daemen College with a BS in Physical Therapy, with a minor in Biology, he has 5 years as a PT at the New York University Medical Center. Russell is also Certified in Structural Integration (Rolfing). His engaging lectures have made him a popular Anatomy & Physiology Instructor for several yoga teacher training programs in NJ, but he started his teaching career here in Fair Lawn!