New To Yoga

There are many practices and activities available to help us "get in shape" and improve the body's overall functioning.
Integral Yoga is about integrating a variety of practices to efficiently and deeply effect the body and mind.
Anyone can find it doable and leave after their first class feeling a release of stress.
The body works better, the mind is more peaceful!

Integral Yoga can eventually bring some people into a pretzel position but that is not the goal.
The 'goal' is to bring the body back to a natural condition of ease, allowing one to go about their business, pain free.
In addition, the mind is peaceful so one can not be easily disturbed by goings on around them.
However you can still respond appropriately as the need calls for it, just done with a clear head and an open heart.

Can you keep your peace in all conditions?
That's why we do Integral Yoga.
Check us out!