Prices of our Classes

Want to check out our class for the first time?
First Class Free!

Single Class Offering
Our single class is $18.00 for a one hour and 20-30 minute class.
See below to purchase a single class now. You will need to fill out a registration form when you arrive.

Meditation Class for Beginners

There’s no doubt about it.
Science has proven, again and again, that Meditation
can dramatically affect the body and the mind.
People’s overall health improves and
their Minds are calmer and clearer.

Learn ways to make it easier to meditate.
Learn how to change up your practice
so you don’t quit!
Understand and feel how meditation can make

Saturdays: 12:30 PM
35-45 minutes
$10 donation

New Beginner Class

This Beginner class is perfect for people who are really new to Yoga
and like to sleep late on Saturdays!
Basic postures, deep relaxation, breathing practice, and some meditation
will create an atmosphere of full relaxation for body and mind for each attendee.
Please call 201-796-7585 when you plan to attend.

Intermediate Yoga

Continue the journey and refine your yoga practice.
Improve form and create a solid foundation to allow the asanas to become tools for higher awareness and
begin to experience the benefits of these practices on a much deeper level.
It is recommended students become familiar with the basic class before attending the intermediate.


Our Annual Benefit Concert

Param Joe Rosolen & friends

His guests tonight will be
Linda Miksza, Tony Lagattuta, Dave O'Donnell,
Dave Estey and Netto,
who are all in one way or another members of
Dogs Like Us, Sunday Project and Linda & The Lovetones.

Free Yoga for Veterans

Yoga for Veterans: An Awakening Warrior Program

Yoga helps Veterans on their path as a warrior to understand how their experience can contribute to their awakening.
From Wounded Soul to an Awakened Soul.
Healing from Within, Healing for You, Healing for our Family
The first step is usually the most difficult on the path to recovery and building resilience.

Autism, Current Natural Approaches

For teachers, yoga students, family and friends, this class will focus on the tools available and easily implemented to make a difference for a person on the autistic spectrum.

Sharanya Manner has been working in this field for over 20 years and is the Founder of Ashrams for Autism.
Together Margabandhu and Sharanya offer hope and practical steps to help these beautiful individuals live up to their highest potential.

Yoga, YiGunGin & The 5 Elements Class Series

Due to popular demand, Margabandhu is offering a four class series based on yoga practices with Yi Gun Gin and Exercises based on The Five Elements.
Joint Relieving Movements and Deep Relaxation will also be included.

Saturdays 1:00 - 3:00pm
March 12, 26, April 2, 16, 2016

Single Class - $40.00
Registration is advance for all four classes - $135.00


Laughing Yoga!

Laughing Yoga Brochure

Laughing Yoga has become so popular around the world. 
Laughing has been proved to boost your Immune System and greatly increase your level of Contentment!
Norman Cousins was the first to show that laughter could help cure his diseased body!