Important Notice

Unfortunately, Premajyothi has contracted Covid, and even more concerning, has potentially threatened the health of teachers and students she interacted with last week.

We must cancel all morning classes this week, Wednesday’s Chair Yoga Class, as well as Monday and Tuesday evening classes, as these were the “only” classes she interacted with.

If you attended any of these classes, please seriously consider scheduling yourself for a PCR Test and quarantine yourself until you know for sure you tested negative. Please follow guidelines as to when is an accurate time for testing, following potential exposure.

The Institute will undergo a complete Disinfecting Operation.


Swami Satchidananda envisioned and advised that Integral Yoga Institutes be run by volunteers. Volunteers are the life blood of our organization as well as a sure step toward Self-Realization. Karma Yoga, selfless service, cleans the ego of expectations and ownership, allowing the volunteer to feel free to be who they truly are.

All our Integral Yoga teachers see “volunteering” as an opportunity to serve and to receive the benefits of karma yoga.
We have karma yogis that clean our buildings and others who have been invaluable handy men! Others file bills while another handles scheduling of teachers for various classes.
Volunteers to help clean are always in need. Volunteers who have been taking classes for awhile are needed to provide hospitality to new comers and those wishing to register.

Please feel free to call 201-796-7585 and ask to speak with Premajyothi about how you can get involved!

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